CP-Pro, a New Club Penguin Private Server

There’s another great private server on the rise – CP-Pro! (Not to be confused with CPro, the private server Syko is making)

This private server is pretty awesome, they have a lot of new features nobody else has.

Click here to register for CP-Pro

Click here to play CP-Pro

They are experiencing a surge of new users from CPPSHQ, so their servers may be overloaded, so if it’s not working, try again later.

CP-Pro has some pretty unique features.

For example, instead of plain old blue ring, you sort of get a aurora ring around you!

It’s pretty awesome!


Also what’s new that they have, it’s sort of like a trainer – but built into their web-client game.

It gives you options to add coins, walk on walls, change your age, and so on! To activate it, just click the “H” in the left hand corner then click “Edit”!

You can ever go to the “H4CKER ROOM”, a custom room built by the owner.

They also have some special “magic” which looks pretty awesome!

And also, custom rooms! (this is the ice burg!)

They also brought back the mod badge in the right hand corner of the playercard! This is something I’ve been wanted done since iCPv3!


What’s also neat, is that when you click the left window on the Coffee Shop in the Town, it will begin to add all of the items to your account!


And the best of all is, they don’t even log passwords! So the chances of a password leak, or them even knowing what your password is, is impossible!

And once more, here’s the links to CP-Pro:

Click here to register for CP-Pro

Click here to play CP-Pro

I can just tell that CP-Pro has a lot of potential, and that we will see a lot more amazing updates from it!


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