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Greetings! I was finally able to create a CPPSHQ.com account…

I just wanted to update all of you, CP-Pro has updated it’s source officially, It runs 70% iCPv3 and 30% CP-Flexs. We lost 6,000 users :( So reregister! Before we patch grey! And patch the beta hat at 5,000 users. So register quick! Become a beta tester today!

Register – www.CP-Pro.info/register/

Play – www.CP-Pro.info/play/

CP-Pro – (Club Penguin Pro) Was first to make custom loader, shell, and in-game hack menu! We update security, we have bait items basically ever 10 items. So with WPE-Pro, It will ban you if you try to find mod items etc. You can’t ‘Hack’ Items anymore. It will send Black to inventory.

The game runs on iCPv3, but better, so it’s just like the old CPPS! Our servers are 24/7 online, and 24/7 moderated.

We have 6 servers, 1 safe chat server. We are adding more, our CPPS also has REAL populations, so server can be ‘Full’ We are the most custom CPPS out!

PS. hypeCP stole our catalog, and our spinner code (looked at source it had the //By iFlexs (gone now) and same with Penguin Atlantic.

In future you will be able to select Old CP-Pro (openCP) CP-Pro.v1 (iCPv3) CP-Pro (iCPv3 and CP-Flexs)

Passwords are encoded with custom encryption, we are also ‘some what’ friends with the hackers :) and new items!


Join CP-Pro Today!

Register – www.CP-Pro.info/register/ – Dont ask to be mod, you could be kicked.

Play – www.CP-Pro.info/play/

**EDIT** Beta hat = Patched, it will be back soon! PS sorry for long post, it’s my first :) www.CP-Pro.info ;)




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