AtlanticPenguin is back – About PHPDevs -

AP has been attacked for several times by PHPDevs. They’ve been using the public OpenCP Exploit Program. We couldn’t do anything because Jay was on holiday and I had some exams. Anyway we tracked their ip, and if they will ever try to hack AP again we will announce their internet provider. We changed our source so they can’t login in anyone’s penguin.Unforunately if you’re cpps is using a SHA1, SHA256 or MD5 encryption you’re in danger.

function Hash()    {        trace (“Test with str \”test\”:\r[SHA256]\r” + this.SHA256(“test”) + “\n” + “\n” + “[SHA1]” + “\n” + this.SHA1(“test”) + “\n” + “\n” + “[MD5]” + “\n” + this.MD5(“test”));    } // End of the function


This line explains almost everything you need to know to protect yourself. We are sorry for AP’s downtime. Have fun & be careful!


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