RealCP Ends 3/18/12

Well it’s official RealCP has ended by today March 18, 2012. It’s sad to see another great CPPS shut down. They grew to get up to over 23,000 players. It started in October 3, 2011 and it went on to today March 18, 2012, it was a good run and we all thought it would last longer but Myles had made his decision and it has ended today.

The start of the countdown to RealCP’s ending started February 21, 2012 and Myles really didn’t put much detail. There was a rumor where they said Myles got legal letters and was being shipped on a FedEx plane to go to a trial, then the rumor came that Myles was just quiting the community and that’s half of the true story.
Myles decided to close RealCP, in order to create his own flash game, which he is currently working on.

My last snapshots of RealCP:

The owners were Myles, Amba, and Jennifer some of my good friends and they were the only 3 owners that ever were on RealCP. I was a Super Admin for the game and it was fun while it lasted.
R.I.P RealCP 10/3/11 – 3/18/12!

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