Atlantic Penguin

Atlantic Penguin has become a private community due to Disney. Why? Disney couldn’t stop bothering its host and cdn provider so the owners decided to make AP a private community. This means you can only join by receiving an invitation via e-mail. And the invitations can be  only sent by registered users.  You can only get 1 invitation /email. The invitation system will be up in a few days. Why not now?  The owners thought that it’s a good idea to let things settle down for a while. Until then..? Only registered users can play at the moment. So if you don’t have an account, you’ll have to wait.

Why would I care about this?

Well , because Atlantic Penguin is fun and worth playing.

A bit of history: The server was first named ‘iPenguin’  and opened on February 14 , 2010 . Later on, the owners renamed it to Atlantic Penguin. So as you can see , Atlantic Penguin is pretty old.  In time it gained more and more players. It was popular for its design, cool commands and its uptime. Ohh, I forgot to mention, the owners were Andrew & Jay . I don’t have time to describe everything had happened – but I can tell you that it was all hard work.

Back to present:


 THE INVITATION SYSTEM IS UP – if you want an invite, leave a comment.


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