Atlantic Penguin – New Pet Turtle

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Atlantic Penguin have released a brand new pet turtle.

We have decided to make this pet exclusive for CPPSHQ viewers/readers. To do this, you have to unlock the item using this code:


If you don’t know how to unlock items with codes, here is how you do it:

Login to your account as normal and when you get to the server page, click “Unlock Items Online”.

Once you have done that, press “I have a code”

Once you have done that, you can enter the code you have been given into the space provided. Please make sure you enter it exactly how it is shown (C&P may help.)

Click Done, and congratulations! You have just unlocked the pet turtle. To wear the item, simply login to the game & click on your playercard and go to the Hands section and look for a turtle.

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