Flipperville – Not Just A CPPS

I have found a server that will blow your mind. It’s called “Flipperville”, and parties are already planned month after month, day after day! Blue Weo (Creator of Flipperville) has made this server for the people, and only the people. When you enter the server, you will be amazed what you have seen, and the talent that was put into the server.

The commands are basic, and the staff is always on! Informing you of what is going on in the server, and keeping safe as possible. We will not let you down; we will do what you will tell us, and work hard at doing it. If you want anything to be improved in the game, then you can always contact us.

Custom items will be revealed later on, as the mystery of the server begins when you, the viewer’s join us on a quest to greatness!

Bradyman6 having fun at the fair. Custom Lei ID: 10307

Bradyman6 having fun in the ball pit. Custom Pin ID: 503 Custom Background ID: 945

I will keep you all updated on what is new in the Flipperville land.


Take care,


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