Matt’s CPPS

The server’s in the CPPS community is getting pretty good, and the server that I have found is getting even better! This server is called “mattscpps”, and what makes it very unique is the hard work that has been put into it by the owners of the server. Xmath13 (Creator of mattcpps) has made this unique server, and has put a lot of effort into this one of a kind server.

It’s something like matt’s CPPS that will make its name in the history of Club Penguin Private Servers. Not only does it have the best stability of the servers itself, it has a very good supportive team that will help you with any problem that has been created and they will solve it in a heartbeat.

On this server, you can marry or add someone as your best friend forever. It has many features added to it just for all of you to use it and have fun with it. Parties will be added, new designs will be included into the server, and the server will get better as the time goes by because of all of you joining it!

The server includes:



  Customs (Igloos, items, music, and even more!)


  Name glow & Bubble color


  Working Igloo’s


  Working Game’s


  Credit System (Coming Soon)

Every server has its updates, but matt’s CPPS is always updated and fun to go on. What are you waiting for? Join now to have the time of your life because you won’t forget the memorable moments you will have on this server. It will keep your mouthing from hitting the floor each time you click the play button.


Take care, for now.


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