UltimatePenguin v4 – coming soon

Hey there.

DJ_MuTeD here. I was an author on CPPSHQ some months ago. I’d like to introduce you a new CPPS I am working on. Its next version of well known CPPS Ultimate Penguin. This CPPS aims to have all features of latest Club Penguin and some extras, that I’m not going to leak yet. We already have many features working, like some multiplayer games (Sleed race, Find Four) and many other things.

Here are some screenshots of features we already have fully working:




This CPPS will release soon. Please dont ask when, its really annoying for our staff members. We will tell you when everything is done.

Our staff members are:

-DJ_MuTeD (me)

-TheCrack (aka Jason)

-Trollrze (aka Sharl)



Well, Indulgentu wont take part in this version of Ultimate Penguin. This is his decision.

UPv4 is going to be available there:


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