Introducing “reCPPS”!

Hey everyone,

How are you all? CPPSHQ sure has been jumping into this new change thing. Some things too look forward in the future is more posts, even more posts, a new “holidays theme”, and some other stuff! We are brainstorming hard; seems like Hurricane CPPSHQ!

Anyhow, I am here to introduce a brand new CPPS for you. It’s called reCPPS, and it is owned by….. HERBERT! Actually, you all probably know him as “iamsoawesome” or “Son”. Now, this CPPS is very unique, and it differs from most CPPS’s. Iamsoawesome wanted to start a new project: to rewrite every C.P. file, from the register to the activation to the source. This means he has used his own source instead of using a public one! Very neat.

The CPPS is currently hosting “Operation: Blackout”, a popular party being hosted on C.P. at the moment. Iamsoawesome is far from completing this exciting project, and more stuff is still being revealed! It is currently in beta mode, and the server might be slow and down from time to time for security updates. During beta, you can get the beta hat by using the command “!ai 413″, and you can also…. become Herbert! I’ve been listening to lots of your voices, and I hear lots of complaints how you can’t become Herbert on any CPPS, and I sure iamsoawesome has been listening as well. If he is listening, that means  he might take in your suggestions to really improve this CPPS! I am honestly very proud of him, and excited to see what happens in the future.

My statue is beautiful, don’t you think?

You can register here, activate your account here, play now here, and become Herbert Pervica Bear here! You can also find their Twitter here.

Have fun on reCPPS!

Over and out,

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