Ultimate Penguin v4 (Updates)

Hey, everyone.

It looks like Ultimate Penguin has improved. It gets better by each second. Anyway, Ultimate Penguin is the first CPPS to have ”Puffle Launch” and the ”dojo” game working.

How exciting. I’ve been playing these games and I see absolutely no problems, but for those of you who do not know what ”Puffle Launch” is, it is a game that Club Penguin has made and it has three levels: Blue Sky, Soda Sunset, and the Box Dimension level.

Here is what it looks like:


As you can see, I haven’t started playing this game yet, but I’m sure going to have a go at it, as I haven’t played it for months.

Here is me, playing the game.

This is me, getting to the exit.

The aim is to get as many of the puffle o’s as possible. I think that is what you call them.

Now, did I mention that ”pufflescape” was working? You didn’t expect that, did you?

These are the pictures I manage to bite into:

Boy, it is freezing here.

I have a long journey to go.

This is just the beginning of the game.

Every little helps.

Maths can help solve your problems, especially if you are excellent at maths. Everything is all there.

”I’m proud of my work,” says Mr. Puffle.

Have you ever felt like a real hero saving puffles? Yes, that’s right, Puffle Rescue works perfectly. I got some pictures.

This penguin is in a risk.

You can see that I’m trying to get out of here.

This game works really well. This game should work on good conditions.


Home free.

You can see that I finished the game.

Ultimate Penguin has improved since yesterday. Ultimate Penguin is really improving. It started in a good start, then it lead itself into a fantastic CPPS.




It would mean a lot to the staff if you played the games, reported bugs, etc. Please, do come along. It will be fun. You just don’t sometimes see the real fun.

Be sure to visit the chat to chat to your friends, and the owners could be posting some important information for you.

Thank you, -Pingualex10

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