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What’s up, everyone?

I was wandering around aimlessly until I decided to go to a new CPPS – Penguin Oasis. All I can say is “WOW”. The owners of this CPPS are Chai and Tybone10, two people who have tons of experience – and I’m sure lots of you know that ;). Penguin Oasis was rather a failed, unstable CPPS back in mid-2011, but it has recently returned to the community as of late 2012. It is much more stable, and I’m sure it won’t fail this time. Let me show you some information Tybone10 has given me (credits for writing this up).

Custom penguin colors –
Tired of the same old Club Penguin colors? Well, when you join Penguin Oasis you are not limited to a certain selection of colors! On the register you will be able to select a custom color from a color picker for your penguin to wear! You can also  add your Facebook username so other users can easily find your profile! Make sure to read the bottom portion of the page too!

Hide and seek server –
If you usually get bored of playing hide and seek normally and having those pesky cheaters join in, then this is the right server for you. When you get to the server selection page on Penguin Oasis, you can choose the “Hide and Seek” server. If there is currently not a game started, you will become the hider and a new game will be started. You will become invisible for 60 seconds so you can choose the best hiding spot. After those 60 seconds are up, you’re visible again. You may also choose to add a riddle/hint to help users find you by using the !RIDDLE command. If you need more info, you can find a tutorial at

Complimentary in-game screenshot tool –
Having a good time with friends, and want to save that moment? Discovering something cool, but you don’t have a screenshot tool? Don’t worry! Penguin Oasis allows you to use our very own screenshot tool to save your in-game moments! When you login to Penguin Oasis you might notice something is missing, and you’re right! The usual moderator badge icon in the top right corner has been removed, and we’ve placed a screenshot icon down near the bottom right corner instead. Whenever you’re ready to screenshot your moment, just click it and select the area you want to snap! Once you’ve selected the area you can hit “Snap!” and it’ll upload your picture! It may take anywhere from 2 seconds to 20 seconds to upload, depending on the size.

Transform into another character –
Sometimes being a penguin is just boring. The Penguin Oasis team has created a feature to allow users to transform into many different characters. Although you must be VIP to transform into some, the team has temporarily allowed you to transform into 3 different characters. You can transform into a Reindeer Puffle (!REINDEER), a car (!CAR), and a frostbite penguin (!FROSTBITE)! If you have the VIP package, you can transform into many other things such as any color puffle, Twilight Sparkle, Rainbow Dash, any color ghost, and more coming soon! If you can’t purchase VIP, don’t worry! The Penguin Oasis staff will allow the users to earn VIP through contests and other events.

Penguin Oasis is also planning to accept applications for moderator soon, so get your thinking cap on and start brainstorming your application! I’ve also heard that they love to hear from their users. If you happen to have a complaint, please send it in to the Penguin Oasis Team. They will do their best to take it under consideration to resolve any problems, and they will also take the time to listen to your voice.

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