AtlanticPenguin is making a comeback!

Recently, I’ve been having some nice discussions with CheekyJay, one of the owners of AtlanticPenguin. Brian, one of the co-owners, recently resigned from AP to work full-time on the upcoming, refreshed Penguin Medieval. Andrew, the other co-owner, has been busy on other works. Jay has had lots of free time to reveal some updates they have been planning on Atlantic Penguin for a while.

Let’s take a look at two more updates. A few days back, I posted about a new scoreboard for Sled Racers. It seems they are not done yet – two more updates!

First off, they have revealed a popular feature on Ultimate Penguin v4: multi-parties.


CheekyJay happens to tell me they have been planning on this for a long time, and have been busy at work on it – but DJ_MuTeD beat them over at UPv4. Oh well.

The next update is something similar over at You can now select your own language to play on your own servers with others who speak your language! This will prevent confusions.


Currently, they only have Español, English, and International available – but from what I hear, there will be more coming soon for all the users! ;).

AtlanticPenguin has been dying for the last few months – even though it did win a nice reward, there hasn’t been much on it. I think it’s pretty sweet to see it reviving once again. We at CPPSHQ wish lots of good luck to the game, and to the players who play it! ;).

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