Oasis Offline

UPDATE 3: Oasis is online again!

UPDATE 2: Oasis is offline again, when does their bad luck stop?

UPDATE: Oasis is back online! Woo-hoo!

I regret to inform you of very sad news. As of May 29, 2013, Penguin Oasis has gone offline. The cause of this problem is due to the fact that Oasis’ host unfortunately suspended them. To make the matter worst, they deleted all of their files, which were not restored. In order to come back online, they are going to need immediate donations. You can contact their PayPal email at [email protected] to donate money. As a reward, you can earn around 50,000-150,000 credits (depending on the amount), and 1-5 VIP codes. More information can be found in this image:


Website | Facebook Page

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