Tizen beta is here!

Hey Penguins!

Some of you may be disappointed that UPv4 closed (we are planning to bring it back later), but now I wanted to show you my new project I am working on. It’s my new CPPS called Tizen. This CPPS merges UPv4 features with custom look and new features. It is also the only CPPS that has new Monsters University Takeover party fully working. You can earn scare points, buy new clothing and scare your friends! Check it out yourself to get the beta hat and BetaTester title!




Tizen is still in beta, so it WILL have bugs that you may report to DJ_MuTeD. We fix and add new features everyday, so come often to check what’s new!

Here is the link to register and play: http://tizencpps.co.uk/

(register in game by clicking Create a Penguin button)

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