ePenguin – A New AS3 CPPS!

Hello everyone,

Today, I have got something special for you. Now, some of you may have already heard of this CPPS, but I have got to tell you, it is actually quite neat. The server is owned by Hagrid and has many cool features. Here are some of them:

Working igloos and furniture Working puffles […]

Ultimate Penguin v4 Update – Sept. 24th, 2013

Hello there everyone, there has been an update to the server of Ultimate Penguin v4! This update involves a party that is going on right now in Ultimate Penguin, the medieval party. The update also involves the server as well. DJ_MuTeD had messaged me earlier today with an update on the server’s stability and […]

Ultimate Penguin v4 Returns!


Hello everyone, I have just received word that Ultimate Penguin v4 is now back online! Currently, Ultimate Penguin is celebrating a medieval party from today, September 20th to October 1st with all of its features from Club Penguins Medieval Party that is now currently being celebrated on both Club Penguin and Ultimate Penguin.


Atlantic Penguin releases Beta


I have some great news, Atlantic Penguin have released their beta client. This version of the game enables users to login securely through a fast login server & game server.

During this beta, the developers are creating multiplayer games like card jitsu and other games throughout the game. Another sneak peek would be […]

Introducing CPYS’s new Rewards System….. BLING!


Sorry for not being active for awhile. I been really busy with school, and other stuff. I am now back and ready to start posting once again! Today’s topic is about CPYS. They have a brand new rewards system, very unique to them. It is called BLING!


As you can see, Bling […]

CPPSes in 2013

As the last days of 2012 dawn even closer to 2013, I’ve decided to look at the whole year of 2012 and how it relates to the Club Penguin Private Server community. I found quite interest in this, and I am sure you will too!

2012 was an amazing year for the CPPS community. So […]

UltimatePenguin v4 is ready!

Hey Penguins!

The beta release of UPv4 is there! We still have some things to do for the official release, but today you can test our work. We have much features that most CPPS don’t have including

mancala find four sled racing card jitsu latest CP’s as3 files

We are still missing some features like […]

Introducing CPPSWorld!


Today I bring you a new CPPS that you may enjoy. It is called CPPSWorld. The staff is very kind and helpful. I highly suggest you check this CPPS out. Here are some features CPPSWorld includes.

-Runs on a Linux VPS

-Custom items(Blue spikey hair, Blue and purple lei, Blue and purple […]

Matt’s CPPS is back!

Hey everyone, Stuart here!

It looks like Matt’s CPPS has finally returned, after about 4 days. It also seems they too, are participating in “Operation Blackout”.

I have also confirmed that it was a MySQL failure on their end, the issue has been fixed and you can once again enjoy Matt’s CPPS. I am not […]


Hello penguins! I am here to inform you of a fantastic CPPS, that the old Club Penguin users have all been waiting for. OldCP! It’s a CPPS that all old Club Penguin fans should play, since they have been protesting it for a long time. It is currently owned by Sauron/Kenobi. It even has the […]