CP-Pro Alerts

  Hey, CPPSHQ,

  I would like to inform you that a user recently broke into CP-Pro’s MySQL Database, and posted a leak of their passwords to the public. The leak has not yet been removed, nor the URL to it, so it may still be seen by everybody.   This brings me to my first important point. If […]

The return of CP-Pro

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There has been quite a bit of buzz going around. CP-Pro is in fact coming back today. You may visit www.CP-Pro.info to see how it’s going. I feel I’ve put great effort into this server, yet my only objective is… Well, pleasing you guys!

I’ve been a/n successor in CP-Pro, Spuffle v1, Spuffle v2, Penguin […]

CP-Pro – Online

Sorry for all the confusion!

Cooldude wouldn’t respond, but I needed more bandwidth…. Anyways, we moved hosts to a better one, unlimited everything (with ads).. But ads are only on homepage and I am working to fix that! We have a new theme and stuff…

We will be on 24/7

And also, the hackers almost […]


Play NOW!

We have: 388 Users, BETA IS ENDING SOON!

Betas get: Beta Hat, Rockhoppers Beard, Yarr

388 USERS!

One day….


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CP-Pro – Backup – Better then ever!

CP-Pro is officaly back up! HIGH security and new fetures

to register, click here and go to right sidebar and click REGISTER.

To play click here go to sidebar and click PLAY

It’s due, to a new security update

**Commands, do not yet work, I have an issue getting them working…***




CP-Pro – Coming back soon

Hey there! It’s the real iFlexs, I removed Painkiller from my account. I changed my password to something en-scripted. He will not be back. Do not mess with him, he is 1337!

Our VPS was raided, and our game was deleted. We are moving hosts, and VPS, to a security update, if you put the […]

CP-Pro – Best CPPS – Back Online

Greetings! I was finally able to create a CPPSHQ.com account…

I just wanted to update all of you, CP-Pro has updated it’s source officially, It runs 70% iCPv3 and 30% CP-Flexs. We lost 6,000 users So reregister! Before we patch grey! And patch the beta hat at 5,000 users. So register quick! Become a beta tester today!

Register – www.CP-Pro.info/register/


Just a quick post!

Hi all.. I’m Cyberwolf. Some of you may know me from iCPv2, iCPv3, iCPPS, and xCPPS.. Let me tell you a little about myself before we go any further! I was a well-known member, you can say, of iCPv2. I was a mediator in the beginning of iCPv3, I then left but rejoined as a […]

New Club Penguin Private Sever- CP-Pro!


There appears to be a new, working private server out, and it has in-browser play, named CP-Pro. It looks like the owner is already working on custom rooms – which is great. This isn’t very popular yet, so be sure to snatch up a good username, and remember, don’t use a password that you […]