Bradyman6’s Retirement

I have been in the CPPS community since twenty ten and I have already accomplished so much. It seems like it was yesterday when I was looking for a Club Penguin trainer when suddenly I came across a game called iCPv3. I was eleven years old at the time, and I remember looking […]

Introducing: Club Penguin +

On August 23rd, 2014, Club Penguin + was released and was in beta until September 7th, 2014. CP+ has a social network connected to the game, and it has unique features that will blow your mind. You will notice that there are five different ranks in the server, though I will talk about […]

Flippr’s August Update

Hi there everyone! Okay, so Flippr has been going through changes as of late, especially with the new AS3 Beta that occurred last month on Flippr. In this post, you will be informed about what’s new on Flippr and what has happened since the last months updates on Flippr. First […]

x0rb Returns – Again!


Today I have some good news for you all, xOrb, one of the most advanced AS2 CPPS’ of its time, is now back! If you’ve been around for awhile, you will remember this CPPS, but if you don’t remember this stunning CPPS, then let me fill you in on it. xOrb was out during […]

Flippr is back – in AS3!

Brady and Wally here and we have some BIG BIG news about Flippr. Flippr was released early this year and it has been an active, weekly updated server ever since! As of today, July 18th, 2014, Flippr is back in AS3, however, it is currently in Beta. Since the server is in […]

ePenguin – A New AS3 CPPS!

Hello everyone,

Today, I have got something special for you. Now, some of you may have already heard of this CPPS, but I have got to tell you, it is actually quite neat. The server is owned by Hagrid and has many cool features. Here are some of them:

Working igloos and furniture Working puffles […]

Catching up with Mirai


Hi there everyone, two months ago, Mirai released a few updates but these updates were not brought up on CPPSHQ. However, the following updates are old, but new to CPPSHQ, so if you already know about the Mirai updates, then you are better off to ignore the post.


Mirai […]

Flippr’s 2014 Puffle Party is here!

As it has been spoken about for the last two weeks, the 2014 Puffle Party has finally arrived on Flippr! This week, Flippr’s website has been re-designed by Banksy, thirty rooms have been decorated for the Puffle party, Puffle transformation is now open at the Snow Forts, and new rooms have been […]

Flippr – New Features Added; Puffle Party Begins Next Week

Well hello everyone, I hope all of you are having an excellent week. I have some exciting news about Flippr that I would like to share with all you. Last week, rooms were re-designed, this week, many features were added! This week, the boiler room has been re-designed; more visible construction of the […]

Flippr – Re-Designed Rooms; Puffle Party Draws Near

After exploring the jungles of Rockhopper Island and exploring the mountains, Flippr is getting ready for the next party, and that party is the Puffle Party! The Pet Shop is undergoing construction for the Puffle party, and some of the rooms on Flippr have been renovated such as the Book Room, Mine […]