Flippr – The Storm Expedition Party Ends; New Party Announced!

Hello there penguin ladies and penguin gentlemen! I have a brand new update for everyone who is viewing this post as I speak. The Flippr Expedition Party has ended today, and as a result, a few places have been destroyed on Flippr including the Lakeside Center, Pool, and the Recycling [...]

Flippr – The Great Storm Expedition Party

Flippr has yet accomplished another stunning update on Flippr, and this update is one very cold and damaging update! Last week (April 6th, 2014) on Flippr, a storm came upon the island and destroyed the Clothing Shop, the Stage, and the Recycling Center. It is said that the Recycling Center is now permanently [...]

New Flippr Update (March 30th, 2014)

There comes a time were games go through the good times and the bad times, and Flippr has already went through both this year. Originally, Flippr was set to release on February 14th, 2014 until a Rile5 user DDOS (distributed denial-of-service) the server. However, Flippr re-opened on February 17th. Since the day [...]

Free Penguin Settings Update!

Last year (December 21st, 2013) DJ_MuTeD announced on CPPS Central about a new server that was released called “Free Penguin”, and since then, Free Penguin has grown into quite a big server. It was days ago when the new updated was released, and man what a fantastic update it was!

Mirai.so – Update Version 1.4


Hello everyone and welcome to the update post on Mirai. As you may know, Mirai is a club penguin private server that has brilliant features that has been added in the server. Christmas is just three days away and Mirai has added a new game that will be shown below:

Mirai.so – Welcome to the Future

Hello CPPSHQ viewers, we are almost half way into December and Christmas is just around the corner! I’m glad to see that the CPPS community is slowly increasing once again with fantastic servers that will be introduced to CPPSHQ very shortly! Today, I have a server that has not been introduced yet to CPPSHQ, [...]

CPEmu Update: Two new Languages and More!


In over two weeks, CPEmu has hit over 1,150 register users and more users are joining by the minute! I have recently been talking to John (Owner of CPEmu), and he has kept me up-to-date with what has been going on in CPEmu.

John’s message regarding the update of CPEmu:

Well, we’ve added [...]

Minor and Major Updates from Oasis

Hello, everyone,

I’ve recently visited the Oasis blog, and saw quite a few updates, such as the blue bar, that has been added about four days ago. It’s looking fantastic, and looking fresh!

If you look at the bottom, you’ll notice this save button, where you can put the [...]

OldCP Is Back!


Many of you might remember the old CPPS, OldCP. OldCP was based off of the old Club Penguin from 2006. Now, OldCP has returned as V6. It is now based off of the 2007-2008 Club Penguin. They have working buddy lists, commands, postcards, igloos, and many more! Soon, they will have working single [...]

Interpeng Is Here!

Hey guys,

Today I am here to tell you that a brand new CPPS has released! This CPPS is owned by Flash, Chrome, and I. It offers a lot of awesome features including BFF/Marry, Credits, Lottery, Moodglow, BFF/Marry glow, PM system, Custom interface, Moods, Custom commands, Stamps, Custom loader, Nameglow, Bubble color, and more! Here [...]