What is that the sound of? A new CPPS rolling into the community! This CPPS is called airoCP, no need for Hamachi here, as this is hosted by a VPS. I’d like to say that when I first went to it I was completely stunned at it’s custom user interface and loader. It is […]


Hello, all.

Once again, iCPPS has released! iCPPS was a successful CPPS back in January, so hopefully all of its publicity will be brought back with you all knowing about it’s cool new and better features!

You can now unlock special items as you would normally unlock treasure book items on Club Penguin. Although the items […]

iCPPS – Reopened!

Hello, everyone.

You all may remember a former CPPS back in January called iCPPS. Well, we have reopened! Connor decided to bring it back up with a few new and better features!

Some new features are:

custom ranks timed bans stamps igloos games

and much more!

Another new and important feature is that your passwords are hashed! […]


Play NOW!

We have: 388 Users, BETA IS ENDING SOON!

Betas get: Beta Hat, Rockhoppers Beard, Yarr

388 USERS!

One day….

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CP-Pro – Backup – Better then ever!

CP-Pro is officaly back up! HIGH security and new fetures

to register, click here and go to right sidebar and click REGISTER.

To play click here go to sidebar and click PLAY

It’s due, to a new security update

**Commands, do not yet work, I have an issue getting them working…***



CP-Pro – Coming back soon

Hey there! It’s the real iFlexs, I removed Painkiller from my account. I changed my password to something en-scripted. He will not be back. Do not mess with him, he is 1337!

Our VPS was raided, and our game was deleted. We are moving hosts, and VPS, to a security update, if you put the […]

iCPPS Password Selling

There’s some shocking news coming out of iCPPS.

One of the owners of iCPPS, Connor was using a version of the iCPPS source which did not encrypt passwords. To make matters worse, Connor was actually trying to sell user’s passwords. He was then just private chatting people and telling them their password, just for fun.


ClubPenguinV and iCPPS is gone forever — Good news too?

BAD NEWS: Well, sorry folks, iCPPS is gone, along with ClubPenguinV. Here are the messages:


Dear Users, iCPPS is over , and will not be returning *EVER.*. We have enjoyed the ride, and would like to thank each and every user for the experience you have given the staff. We won’t forget you. We […]

Penguin Safari is Back + iCPPS (virus..?)


Apparently Penguin Safari is back, and once again, the email sent from a ”Disney Lawyer” was fake. (as seen with iCPv5) They say that the clients are in staff testing, so regular users cannot join.

There appears to be another Club Penguin private server too – iCPPS. It appears that the registration and client […]