Penguin Management System + Safe Chat Server


There’s some awesome new iCP updates. You can now change your password using the Penguin Management System!

You can access the Penguin Management System here:

I’ll show you guys a brief tutorial on how to use it.

First, enter in your penguin’s username and email address, then click ‘Send Password Request!”

It […]


Hello! Even better news! iCP is BACK UP at . This is amazing! Charles was able to take the game, the website, everything back online! Nothing has been lost. (no items, registered users, etc) So it’s virtually the same as we left it. Have fun!



iCP Trainer Page Updated + iCP Maintenance


First off, I updated the iCP Trainer page, I totally redid the page from scratch with a NEWER and BETTER iCP Trainer that works. I also included a tutorial of the whole trainer. I HIGHLY recommend you check it out:

Enjoy the new page! -Roman

New iCP Rule + Mike Quits iCP + New Safe Server


So there’s a new rule on iCP, no doing anything ”sexual”. Here’s a quote from Ross, an admin on the iCP Forums.

No word blocks, but you will be banned for “Strip Clubs”, “Sex Clubs”, saying you are having sex, or anything which is actually stating or implying that an action is performed.

And […]

Website Updates!


I have updated iCP Cheats a lot over these past few days, adding more content. I highly recommend you check out new/updated pages I added:

I added a new page on how to become a moderator in iCP, check it out:

I updated the iCP Commands page with new commands and MODERATOR […]

Igloos Work + New Igloo Commands


First off, igloos finally work. So now you can buy furniture items and unlock your igloo, which is awesome. And with the new igloo, comes some awesome new commands.

This next command will allow you to add igloo furniture:

!AF 100

Remember that you replace the ‘100’ with another furniture ID you want. (so […]

New iCP Command !PING


There’s a new iCP command, !PING. It’s very simple, all you do is type in !PING and if you are connected to the server iCP Bot will respond with “Pong”. This is if maybe you’re not sure if you got disconnected for some reason.

Just a neat trick.